I still can’t believe such a kind person let me adopt him. I’m crying. image

For some of you who don’t know, Delvin Mallory is a character from the game Skryim.

Picked the Warf Wharf Background for him because it looks a lot like Riften. Did the best I could with the outfit.

Now to try and obtain more Skyrim pets. There aren’t many left on active accounts, but I’m still going to try to trade for them like the hoarder I am.

Quick face doodle of poogle-races new pirate usul character, Manny. I always liked pirate usuls for their awesome facial scar and blind eye.


wondering if inkroad's demon character is single and ready to mingle

I’ll ask him for you. 



He hasn’t said anything yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

You literally have to summon a demon to get it to work.

I love pinchits. ; __ ;

Neopets- Critters of Habitarium!

togliere said: Why aren’t you working as an artist for TNT

TNT, if you follow my blog, you can totally hire me. I prefer my payments in gum. Juicy Fruit variety.

Had this on my test blog. Draft to finished drawings of Commander Flint. Did I ever tell you guys I absolutely love this dude? I don’t think there’s ever been a Skeith character I didn’t like.

This is General Dacon, Princess Amira’s bodyguard and commander of Sakhmet City’s army. Probably the coolest looking Tonu character I’ve ever seen on Neopets. Had a lot of fun drawing this dude. 

;_; Guys, something amazing happened to me today on Neopets. A really kind person messaged me out of the blue asking if I wanted to adopt one of her pets. This pets name happens to be my favorite Thieves Guild character from Skyrim. I cried a little bit, haha. Apparently, she saw Belrand as a notable neopet and probably saw all the Skyrim NPCs I owned.

Just to give a hint on who it is, here’s a screenshot I took of this BAMF.


Oh god, that’s all ;_;. Wanted to share my happiness with you. I love Skyrim so much, you don’t understand. 

He’ll be coming to me on the 1st. ; u;