spiritimmortal said: I love him!Can I have his autograph? Pretty please? @3@


Here’s a very self indulgent master post of all the drawings I’ve done for Luii, my Usukiboy Usul and his petpet. 

I probably won’t be drawing my own pets anytime soon now lol. 

corvuscantum said: What are your favorite species and Altador Cup team?

Wait! Last question! Because I was asked this a lot. 

Favorite species is Gelert. Only because some of the coolest characters ever on neopets have been Gelerts. Kanrik, Smug Philosopher, Gelert Assassin, Tandrak Shaye and Lyvon Cibaire. Followed very closely by Lupes, Kyriis and Eyries.

I joined Darigan Citadel this year, solely for Tandrak (and maybe because of Lord Kass.). Don’t have a favorite team though. I’m joining Altador next year for Lyvon. 

Okay! That’s all the asks for a while. Don’t want to bombard you guys! If anyone has any requests, or for whatever reason want to know anything about me. Feel free to anon my inbox, haha. 

Also, have a doodle of my pet, Luii. 


Anonymous said: Do you allow people to use your doodles on their lookups? They're very nice!

Go ahead! As long as you don’t parade it as your own work or are using artwork I’ve done for my own pets, I’m totally cool with it! Go for it! =D 

virtual-star said: Oh my gad Iove your Neopets draws!!! It reminds me when I was crazy about them, my first OC's were neopets, but your style is just perfect, I fall in love again with Kanrik <3 (and I started too draw him again haha) so you are amazing, keep going c: <3

Thank you so much! So happy to hear that!! Ah, Kanrik has the biggest fan following out of all the Neopets, Such a great character.

I never had Neopet OCs my self. When I first joined, all I can remember is having pets with edgy names like Xxxxx_ShadowBeast_xxxxX. 

Anonymous said: Ahhh! Thank you for doing my Tor/Roberta request! I would love to see other TDF bosses done by you. It's my favourite game but there's so little fanart for it.

No problem! I love requests. If I were going to do more TDF fanart though, it would probably just be a full spread of Gelert Assassin, cause god, that guy is cool. The weird centaur Ixi raider is hilarious though, I might give him a go. 

Anonymous said: Can we see some non neopets art? :D

Maybe, one day! =0 I’ve been really itching to draw some How to train your dragon and Animal Crossing stuff. For now, it’s really all I’m interested in at the moment. Not a neo-blog though! Just really obsessed right now, haha. 

Anonymous said: thank you. you are a gift to neopets and tumblr and your art is just gorgeous. ♥

; n; Oh gosh. Thank you, cute anon. 

Before I started this Tumblr, I went on months of idling, not drawing, and just avoiding art in general. I couldn’t find any enjoyment in it. I’m so happy I signed up to Neopets again, It’s really rebooted my feelings towards everything. This is the most art I’ve done in the past four years. It helps that I’m surrounded by so many awesome people in the Neopets tags. 

Oh god, Neopets changed my life xD. That’s just lame lol. I wanted to look cool to you guys.